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Kelsey's (or Kelcy's) Bar (which later became Archie Bunker's Place) was the bar Archie frequented and later purchased. The name of the establishment was Kelcy's Bar (as seen in the bar window in various episodes). However, due to a continuity error, the end credits of episodes involving the bar owner spelled the name "Kelcy" during the first season and "Kelsey" thereafter; the end credits once again showed "Kelcy" in the season 8 episode "Archie Gets the Business".

In seasons 1-6, the part of owner/bartender Tommy Kelsey was played by character/voice actor Bob Hastings.

After Hastings' departure, Harry Snowden (played by Jason Wingreen) became the featured bartender.

In season 8, the part of "Kelcy" was briefly reprised by Frank Maxwell in part one of the two-part episode "Archie Gets The Business".

In the retooled Archie Bunker's Place, Archie expanded the bar into the building next door, which had been a series of failed restaurants. Upon being expanded, it became a great success.