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Justin Quigley
Mr Quigley and Archie
Mr. Quigley (Burt Mustin, left) in scene with Archie from "All in the Family".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Feisty octegenarian accquaintance of Edith who runs away from the Sunshine Home and stays temporarily with the Bunkers until he gets his own place with a new eldery female accquaintance
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: 4 episodes from Seasons 4-6
Character played by: Burt Mustin
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Justin Quigley was an elderly man who makes his first series appearance in the episode of All in the Family titled "Edith Finds an Old Man" in Season 4. The part of Mr. Quigley is played by late veteran character actor Burt Mustin. He would be a recurring character in the show, a character seven years younger than the actor himself!

About Mr. Quigley[]

Mr. Quigley, a feisty octogenarian, runs away from the Sunshine Home where Edith would later volunteer her time (it's a fairly restrictive nursing home). Justin accepts Edith's invitation to temporarily move in with the Bunkers, which elicits the anticipated apprehensive reaction from Archie. Justin soon finds a geriatric sweetheart, Josephine 'Jo' Nelson (played by Ruth McDevitt).

In the episode titled "Archie's Weighty Problem" in Season 6, Quigley tries to encourage Archie, who was put on a somewhat restrictive "diet" by Edith, and who in response was eating a "pig out" dinner at Kelsey's, to watch his diet by showing him old photos of his dead relatives who were all grossly overweight and who didn't watch what they ate,, what Archie referred to as "a wallet of fat stiffs!" In advising Archie to watch his diet, Quigley chimes, "listen to my advice, and you'll be here to dance at your grandson's wedding!"