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Josephine "Jo" Nelson
Archie greets Jo Nelson
Archie greets Jo Nelson, who drops by the Bunker home to pick up Justin Quigley in the episode of "AITF" titled "Edith Finds an Old Man" in Season 4.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Feisty octegenarian spinster who begins dating Justin Quigley in Season 4
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: 4 episodes from Seasons 4-6
Character played by: Ruth McDevitt
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Josephine "Jo" Nelson was an elderly spinster who makes her first series appearance in the episode of All in the Family titled "Edith Finds an Old Man" in Season 4. The part of Mr. Quigley is played by late veteran character actress Ruth McDevitt.

About Mr. Quigley[]

When fellow octogenarian Justin Quigley (played by Burt Mustin), the older man who escaped from the Sunshine Home whom Edith found walking around the supermarket, temporarily moves in with the Bunkers in the episode "Edith Finds an Old Man" he soon thereafter meets his geriatric sweetheart Jo. They soon move in together, and Gloria and Mike then, soon thereafter, adopt the elderly couple as their godgrandparents upon the birth of son Joey. Out of most of the characters, Archie took a liking to Justin and Jo. Jo dies of natural causes following the end of the 6th season, mirroring the death of actress Ruth McDevitt, who played her on the series.