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Joseph Sanders
Sorrell Booke as Mr. Sanders
Mr. Sanders, as played by Sorrell Booke
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Personnel Manager, Pendergast Tool & Die
Archie's boss at Pendergast Tool & Die
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: 4 episodes, Seasons 5-8
Character played by: Sorrell Booke
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Joseph Sanders is a recurring character who first appears in the Season 3 episode of All in the Family titled "Archie's Helping Hand". The part of Mr. Sanders is played by character actor Sorrell Booke, who earlier appeared as Lyle Bennett, a local TV station manager, in the Season 3 episode "Archie and the Editorial".

About Mr. Sanders[]

Lyle, who is the Personnel Manager at Pendergast Tool & Die Co. where Archie worked up until Season 8, always makes workplace decisions which gets Archie into predicaments that always seem to stick a craw in him! First case in point, in the episode titled "Archie's Helping Hand", when Archie reluctantly persuades Mr. Sanders to hire Irene Lorenzo as a bookkeeper, he, after looking over her resume listing her credentials, decides to hire her on instead as a dockworker, where she would be working with Archie!

Second case, in the episode "Archie the Donor" in Season 6, Archie, in trying to earn brownie points in order to get a promotion at the loading dock. agrees to help Mr. Sanders with his latest charity, unaware that it involves something that goes against his morals - organ donation! When he tries to go Mr. Sanders, and the charity representative to have his name removed from the donor list, as he complains about ailments as a reason not to donate his body parts. Mr.Sanders then, after saying he wants a healthy guy in the job that could stay with the company for a long time, then gives the new dispatcher job to Elmo Bridgewater, a black guy who works on the loading dock with Archie.

In Season 8 in the episode "Archie's Grand Opening", Archie seems to get his "revenge" of sorts, in that although business has been real slow since he bought Kelsey's Bar, and that Harry, decides to quit over Archie bossing him around, as well as Carlos, who leaves with Harry (they both decide to come back at episode's end), he still has his grand opening of Archie's Place, as Mr. Sanders drops by to see how things are doing at the pub, and to tell Archie, who had called in two days in a row in trying to launch the pub's grand opening (with the help of Edith, Mike and Gloria), not to "come crying to him when he fell flat on his face" as he also says that neighborhood pubs "were going out of style" and to not try to milk the company for sick pay, as Archie proverbially tells him what he can do with his job at the plant, as he finally gets to be his own boss.