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Jim Bowman
AITF 1x8 - Jim Bowman
Vincent Gardenia as Jim Bowman
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Secretly sells his home, which is next door to the Bunkers, to the Jeffersons, much to the chagrin of Archie, who soon finds out
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood" (Season 1)
Character played by: Vincent Gardenia
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Jim Bowman is a character in the Season 1 episode of All in the Family titled "Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood" (episode #8). He was played by Vincent Gardenia, who would appear in a later episode as Curtis Rempley, in the Season 3 episode "The Bunkers and the Swingers" (#7) (as a swinger opposite Rue McClanahan), then as a cast regular in the part of liberal-minded househusband Frank Lorenzo in Season 4 opposite Betty Garrett who would play his factory-working, mechanically-inclined, liberal wife Irene.

About Jim[]

Jim is the nervous next door neighbor of Archie who, after the death of his wife, sought to move out of their home, and needing to find a more affordable place to live, desperately and secretly sold his house to the Jeffersons amid pressure from the neighborhood not to sell to a minority.