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Archie (left) describes appliance repairman assistant Jack as he appears above (Ron Glass, right), a militant, angry, knife-wielding type in the Season 4 episode of "AITF" titled "Everybody Tells The Truth".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Assistant repairman who appears in different accounts from the Bunkers and Stivics when the refrigerator needed reparing
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Everybody Tells the Truth" in Season 4
Character played by: Ron Glass
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Jack, a black assistant appliance repairman appears on All in the Family in different accounts in the Season 4 episode "Everybody Tells the Truth". The part of Jack is played by actor Ron Glass, perhaps best known to TV viewers as Det. Ron Harris on the ABC-TV sitcom series Barney Miller.

About Jack

Archie, Edith, Mike all had different accounts of what transpired when Archie called in a couple of repairmen to fix the Bunkers' refrigerator. According to Archie, Jack, who was assistant to Bob, the repairman, appeared as a militant, knife-wielding black gang-banger and his boss Bob the Repairman (Ken Lynch) as a Mafioso type, while Mike insists that the two workers were a stereotypical musical-comedy and an Amos 'N' Andy-style shuffler, with Jack now appearing as the Stepin' Fetchit/Rochester type to Bob's version of Jack Benny, Edith winds up telling the real story, which presents Jack and boss Bob as they actually appeared.

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