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Mr. Ike Turner
Mr. Turner IRS agent
Mr. Turner, an IRS agent audits Archie because of unreported income from driving taxicabs on the weekends for Munson's Cab Co. in the Season 3 episode of AITF titled "Archie's Fraud"
Personal Information
Gender: Male
IRS agent/tax auditor
Tax agent who audits Archie over unreported income from driving taxicabs on the weekends
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie's Fraud"
Character played by: James McEachin
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Mr. Isaac "Ike" Turner was an IRS tax agent who audits Archie in the Season 2 All in the Family episode titled "Archie's Fraud". The part of Mr. Turner is played in the episode by veteran character actor James McEachin, who would later on reappear on the series as Solomon Jackson, a Black Jew co-worker of Archie's whom he tries to recruit to join his lodge in order that groups like CORE would not accuse the lodge of discrimination in the Season 7 episode "Archie the Liberal".

About Mr. Turner[]

When Munson, who was feeling pressure from the IRS over the reporting of income generated by his taxicab company, asks Archie to report the money he made from driving taxis for him on the weekends, he doesn't. It is not long before Turner, an IRS agent shows up to audit him. When Archie tries to finagle his way out of paying the additional taxes, which amounted to $140.00, by trying to bribe Turner by offering to give him free taxi rides around the city, Turner, who says he already has a car, decides to audit him for the past three years!