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Henry Evans
Maude 1x18 - John Amos as Henry Evans
John Amos as Henry Evans
Personal Information
Gender: Male
demands that his wife be a stay at home housewife, but then acquieses; gets promoted at work, which causes Florida to eventaully quit her job as the Findlay's housekeeper
Spouse(s): Florida Evans
Related to: children, not mentioned
Character information
Appeared on: Maude (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 3 in Seasons 1 & 2
Character played by: John Amos
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Henry Evans was the husband of Florida Evans, the Findlay's housekeeper who appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of Maude. The part of Henry is played in the episodes by John Amos. Amos, along with Esther Rolle, because of the popularity of the Florida character, saw their characters, with Henry's first name changed to James, written into a spinoff series, Good Times in the middle of Season 2 of Maude.

About Henry Evans[]

With the character of Florida, a strong-willed person herself, when Henry was introduced in the episode "Florida's Problem" in Season 1, he proved to be just as strong-willed, to the point of being stubborn as he insisted that his wife didn't need to work, as he had a well-paying firefighting job, as he reluctantly acquiesced and allowed her to work, anyway.

In the storyline of Maude, Florida's husband Henry receives a promotion at his job, as she quits to be a full-time housewife there in Tuckahoe, NY. While Maude took place in Westchester County, New York, the setting for Good Times was moved Chicago, with numerous other differences in Florida's situation, such as her husband being called James Evans - 'Henry' becoming the name of James's long lost father on Good Times (he would be played in three episodes by Richard Ward).

The history of the Evans family having lived in Tuckahoe on Maude was completely ignored, as it was rewritten for Good Times as having the Evans family having had lived in housing projects in the near west Chicago area for over 20 years, and James having been a sixth grade dropout, whose area of expertise was primarily as a mechanic, although he's also had loading dock work experience, instead of having been a firefighter, and presumably a high school graduate, as Henry was on Maude, with James having had worked a series of different menial jobs.