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Hank Pivnik
Hank Pivnik
Hank Pivnik in the All in the Family episode titled "Archie's Operation, Part 2".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Fellow dockworker of Archie's at Pendergast Tool & Die in Season 5-7 of AITF
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family/Archie Bunker's Place
Episodes appeared in: 15 AITF episodes in seasons 6-9
11 episodes of Archie Bunker's Place in Season 1
Character played by: Danny Dayton
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Hank Pivnik was a friend and fellow lodge member of Archie's who worked at the Pendergast Tool & Die with him on All in the Family, who first appeared in the sixth season episode titled "Archie's Operation (Part 2)". He also appeared in several episodes of the first season of Archie Bunker's Place, then disappeared without explanation. The part of Hank was played by veteran actor/comedian Danny Dayton.


Hank, a loyal friend of Archie, is somewhat of a big practical joker, as shown in the episode "Archie's Other Wife" (Season 9, episode #7) in which, with the doing of him and Pinky Peterson, another practical joking buddy of Archie, Archie, after passing out drunk awakens next to a attractive young black woman (Jonelle Allen) who claims that they were married. In another episode, Archie is duped into thinking that Hank and Pinky had a live mongoose in an empty box, and when they posed as if it went loose, Archie panics, to their wild laughing delight.

In a more serious situation in the episode "Archie's Bitter Pill (Part 1)", Hank, although well meaning convinces a stressed, work exhausted Archie to take some amphetamine pills to help pick up his spirits and to add some pep, which only creates a succession of increasingly worse problems, along with a dependency on the drug. Still a loyal friend, Hank did appear at the birth of Archie's grandchild Joey. In the second part of the two part episode "Archie's Operation", Hank gives the good news to Archie about being promoted to dispatcher, from which Hank would assume his suddenly vacant job as dock foreman.