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"Gloria Suspects Mike"
Season 6, episode # 10
# 118 overall in series (205 episodes)
All in the Family ep 6x10 - Gloria Suspects Mike
A very pregnant Gloria, who's been feeling self-conscious about being unattractive to Mike, voices her suspicions that her husband has been cheating on her with a lovely looking student of his whom he's been tutoring in "Gloria Suspects Mike" in Season 6 (ep.#10).
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV/USA
Air date November 17, 1975
Production code 610 (6x10)
Written by: Lou Derman & Milt Josefsberg
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Bernadette Peters
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Gloria Suspects Mike was the 10th episode from the sixth season of All in the Family; it was also the 118th overall series episode. Written by Lou Derman and Milt Josefsberg, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, first aired on CBS-TV on November 17, 1975.

"Gloria Suspects Mike"
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Gloria is eight months' pregnant and is feeling very unattractive. To make matters worse, she suspects that Mike might be having an affair with one of his students (Bernadette Peters).


Gloria, now in her seventh month, is feeling unattractive. Added to that is the fact that Mike is tutoring an attractive young woman in Economics and suspects that something else might be going on.

That night, when Mike goes to tutor the woman, a one Linda Galloway (Bernadette Peters in guest appearance), they both become mutually attracted to one another leading to a kiss. Meanwhile, Archie gets an idea to trap Mike in a confession. Knowing that he can't hold his wine, Archie, who suspects Mike may be cheating on Gloria, decides to try and liquor him up as a truth drug to get it out of him. They both get drunk in the process, and right before Mike confesses about he and Linda, Archie passes out, completely missing the part where he confesses that he simply got up and left the woman's apartment.

Guest starring/Recurring cast[]

  • Bernadette Peters as Linda Galloway

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