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George Savalas
George Savalas
George Savalas, who would later co-star with older brother Telly on the CBS series "Kojak", appeared as Lou Frouge, one of Archie's old Army buddies in an episode of "All In The Family" titled "Success Story" in Season 1.


Georgios Demosthenes Savalas


(1924-12-05)5 December 1924


New York City


2 October 1985(1985-10-02) (aged 60)


Westwood, California



Years active

1962-1985, his death

Character on AITF

Lou Frouge in the episode "Success Story" in Season 1

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Georgios Demosthenes Savalas (Greek: Γεώργιος Δημοσθένης Σαβάλας) (5 December 1924 - 2 October 1985) appeared as Lou Frouge, one of The Frouge Twins, two of Archie's old Army WWII platoon buddies in the episode titled "Success Story" in Season 1 of All in the Family.

Born in New York City to immigrants from Greece, George served in the Pacific War as a United States Navy gunner. After studying drama at Columbia University, Savalas embarked on a successful career as a theatre actor and acting instructor. He later appeared in several films, most notably 1970's Kelly's Heroes.

He is best known for his role as Detective Stavros on the TV series Kojak. He was often credited as "Demosthenes" or "George Demosthenes" to avoid confusion with his better-known older brother, Telly Savalas. In his later years, George recorded a popular Greek-language record and toured with his band, appearing at such venues as Carnegie Hall. He returned to the stage, appearing in a number of off-Broadway productions before illness forced him to retire. In the 1970s, he did adverts in the United Kingdom for Wimpy Bar chain.

Personal life[]

He was the father of six children: Nicholas George, Leonidas George, Constantine George, Gregory George, Matthew George and Militza. His wife's name was Robin. His interests included golf, coin and clock collecting, radio-controlled model airplanes and cooking.[1]

George died of leukemia in 1985, at the age of 60.


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