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George Bushmill
George Bushmill
George Bushmill is a former stockboy and bagger at Ferguson's Market and friend of Mike and Gloria who lands a job at the Pendergast Tool & Die where Archie works.




Stock boy/bagger at Ferguson's Market
Dockworker at Pendergast Tool & Die

Character played by

Richard Masur

AITF appearnce

in the episode "Gloria's Boyfriend" in Season 4

Relationship with AITF Characters

Mentally-impaired friend of Gloria and Mike Stivic

Related to

Mr. Bushmill (father)

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George Bushmill is a mentally-impaired friend of Gloria and Mike, and a stock boy at Ferguson's Market, who lands a job at the Pendergast Tool & Die where Archie works in the fourth season episode titled "Gloria's Boyfriend". He was played by character actor Richard Masur.

About George[]

George, who became mentally impaired after suffering anoxia at birth, strives hard to prove that he can do anything as well as anyone else, and be a capable employee, if given a fair chance. Despite fawning over Gloria, which even results in him calling himself her "boyfriend" and picking her up in the air, both Michael and Gloria hold much less of an objection to George working at the house than Archie does. When the hard-working George takes a break from his job at the Ferguson's Market to help Gloria home with the groceries, Archie treats him like a child because of his mental impairment and convinces him to take a long mid-day break, which causes him to be fired. After Archie tells Gloria and Michael, "I know how to talk to a D-U-M-M-Y" in front of George, he disappears, telling Archie "You're making fun of me just like some bad boys on my street do" and "I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna show you all." After he doesn't return home, George's father, Pat Bushmill (Joseph Mascolo) calls and then drops by the Bunker home because he is worried about him being gone all afternoon, only to find that George was able to get another job, working a loading docks, the same type of job Archie had the time, much to the delightful surprise of his father, Gloria, Mike, and Edith, but to the bewilderment of Archie! Before he leaves again, George surprises Archie by pointing out he couldn't sand his un-hinged bathroom door because he had the blade in backwards; the blade finally works after George turns it the other way around.