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Frank Maxwell
Frank Maxwell
Frank Maxwell in a M*A*S*H TV show episode.


(1916-11-17)November 17, 1916


Bronx, New York, U.S.A.


August 4, 2004(2004-08-04) (aged 87)


Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.


Actor, AFTRA Union president, 1982-1987

Years active

1939-1995 (as an actor)


Maxine Stuart (actress), 1949-1963 (divorced)
Rita Lynn, 1966-1996 (her death)


daughter Chris Ann Maxwell, with Stuart

All in the Family appearance

As Kelcy in the episode Archie Gets the Business

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Frank Maxwell (November 17, 1916 - August 4, 2004) appeared once as bar owner Tommy Kelcy in the two-part episode "Archie Gets the Business" (season 8, episode 1, part 1). Maxwell was a revered veteran American character actor, best known for his role as Dan Rooney, Port Charles Hospital administrator on the long-running ABC-TV daytime soap opera General Hospital.


AFTRA union work[]

A gifted character actor and leading figure in the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) for several decades, Maxwell, who was on blacklisted for a time during the McCarthy era in the 1950's, was president of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union's Los Angeles chapter from 1982 to 1985. Maxwell was an active member of the AFTRA, serving as national president of the 80,000-member union of actors, broadcasters and recording artists for five consecutive terms, from 1984-89. From 1985 until his death he was a trustee of the AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds and a member of AFTRA's board of directors.[1][2]

Early acting career[]

Maxwell began acting after serving in the Army Air Forces during World War II. He worked mainly on stage until moving to Los Angeles in 1958 to work on the television show Playhouse 90. [3]In a venerable acting career which spanned six decades, he was perhaps best known for his televsion work, particularly as that of Dan Rooney on General Hospital on which he appeared from 1978 to 1990. Rooney usually appeared on film in mostly roles as authority figures, or Western outlaw gunman types, at least from the mid-late 1950's-early 1970's. He also enjoyed appearances in regular roles in the television series Our Man Higgins, The Second Hundred Years, and Felony. Maxwell first made his Broadway debut shortly after graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelor of arts degree.

Theatre acting works[]

Maxwell's Broadway stage credits include Maggie (1953), Stalag 17 (1951), First Stop to Heaven (1941), At the Stroke of Eight (1940), Stop Press (1939), Everywhere I Roam (1938) and Dance Night. During World War II, he was a B-29 bombardier-navigator with the U.S. Air Force and held the rank of First Lieutenant. After the war, he returned to Broadway where he also appeared in At War With the Army and Death of a Salesman. He also appeared in the London production of Death of a Salesman, according to AFTRA.

Family life[]

Maxwell married actress Maxine Stuart in 1949; they had one child together, daughter Chris Ann Maxwell together before divorcing in 1963. He then married actress Rita Lynn on March 21, 1966, remaining together until her death on died on January 21, 1996.


Maxwell died on August 4, 2004 in Santa Monica, California, from complications from the onset of heart disease. He survived his second wife Rita, who died in 1996, by eight years.[4][5]


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