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Floyd Mills
AITF ep. 9x23 - Ben Slack as Floyd Mills
Ben Slack as Floyd, Edith's cousin, in "The Return of Stephanie's Fater in Season 9 of AITF (#23).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Various odd jobs, often unemployed
Tries to come back to reclaim daughter but then offers the Bunkers freedom to keep her for $1,000 after leaving her on their doorstep months earlier
Related to: Stephanie Mills (daughter)
Marilyn Mills (ex-wife, deceased)
Edith Bunker (cousin, adoptive mother)
Archie Bunker (cousin in-law)
Gloria Bunker Stivic (2nd cousin)
Estelle Harris (ex-mother in-law)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Archie Bunker's Place
Character played by: Marty Brill (1 AITF episode)
Ben Slack (1 AITF episode, 2 ABP episodes)
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Floyd Mills was a recurring character who appeared four times, twice on All in the Family, where he was first played by Marty Brill in the Season 9 opener, "Little Miss Bunker". Ben Slack would assume the role later that season in the episode "The Return of Stephanie's Father" (#23). Slack would reappear as Floyd on Archie Bunker's Place, in the Season 2 episodes "Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1" (#8) and "Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2" (#9).

About Floyd[]

When Edith's cousin Floyd, who's often out of work, and who also struggles with an drinking problem, left his then 9-year-old daughter to stay with she and Archie, he promised that it would only be for a few weeks, as he drove off in his car without her after his visit, leaving Archie and Edith to raise her.

Months later, Floyd returns to the Bunkers to try to reclaim her, against his daughter's wishes, as Stephanie has grown attached to the Bunkers, and doesn't want to go back to living out of a suitcase with her dad, often at fleabag motels, and who also, would often, as a tactic to find a place to stay for her while he was trying to find work, abandon her at the bus station, in hopes that someone would notice her hanging around the station for hours, and call the Children's Services, who would pick her up and place her in a child shelter, for he to come and claim her after a few months, as he wasn't allowed to check her into the shelter himself.

Reluctantly, Archie caves in to Floyd's offer to allow he and Edith to keep her, only if they give him $1,000 to do so.

Later on, after Edith's death, Floyd returns around the time of Stephanie's bat mitzvah, and is caught trying to steal the money gift that Stephanie got from her friends and family at the bat mitzvah, as tensions resurfaced between "deadbeat" Floyd and Archie, Estelle (played by Celeste Holm), his ex-mother in law and Stephanie's maternal grandmother, as well as the rest of the extended family attending the bat mitzvah.