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"Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 1)"
Season 3, episode # 9
# 46 overall in series (205 episodes)
AITF 3x9 - Flashback Mike & Gloria's wedding
In a "flashback", Archie allows Gloria and Mike to wed in the Bunker home, as he prepares to tell Edith to "stifle" in "Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 1)" in Season 3 (ep.#9).
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date November 11, 1972
Production code 311 (3x09)
Written by: Rob Reiner & Philip Mishkin
Directed by: John Rich and Bob LaHendro
Guest starring: Michael Conrad
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Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 1) is the 9th episode of the third season and the 46th overall episode All in the Family. The Season 3 episode first aired on CBS-TV on November 11, 1972. Directed by John Rich and Bob LaHendro, the story was written by Rob Reiner with Philip Mishkin.

"Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 1)"
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The Stivics celebrate their second anniversary by recalling how they almost were never married. With their wedding fast approaching, Archie wants the wedding his way, and Mike's Uncle Casmir wants his wedding his way. The two do not budge, and it becomes clear Mike and Gloria's engagement is in trouble.


The Bunkers and the Stivics recall the wedding of Mike and Gloria. The pre-nuptial arrangements are complicated when stubborn Archie butts heads with Mike's equally stubborn Uncle Casmir.

It's worth noting that the "flashback" Archie is even more volatile and reactionary than the present Archie Bunker viewers have come to know and -- er -- love.


  • Mike clearly has not yet moved in with the Bunkers in the time before his wedding, and even returns to his home after briefly calling the wedding off. Though Gloria asks "where are you going," an indication that didn't know where he would go, after briefly calling off the wedding, the episode appears to coexist with the claim Michael made in the pilot Meet the Bunkers episode, which was that he was only living with them since the marriage.
  • Uncle Casimir Stivic was played by Michael Conrad, who later played Sgt. Phil Esterhaus on the NBC-TV crime/drama series Hill Street Blues.
  • Part 1 of a two-part episode.
  • It would also appear that Michael and Gloria were not so sexual active before their marriage, at least to Archie's knowledge, with Archie even suggesting if Michael and Gloria's kissing habits were a "coming attraction" of things to come.

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