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Agent Bradford
AITF 2x16 - Agent Bradford
FBI Agent Bradford asks Archie some questions in "Archie and the FBI" in Season 2 (ep.#16).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
FBI Agent
questions Archie about neighbor and co-worker Larry Grundy for the purpose of a DOD goverment contract with Pendergast Tool & Die
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie and the FBI" (Season 2)
Character played by: Jon Korkes
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FBI Agent Bradford appeared in the Season 2 episode of All in the Family titled "Archie and the FBI" (#16, #29 overall). The part of Agent Bradford is played by Jon Korkes, who also guest stars on Maude as Officer Cosgrove in the Season 1 episode titled "The Ticket" (#6).

About Agent Bradford[]

When Agent Bradford drops by the Bunkers' home and begins asking Archie questions about friend and neighbor Larry Grundy (Graham Jarvis), who works with him at Pendergast Tool & Die, it arouses the suspicions of both, as they both become suspicious of one another, as they also worry that their homes may be bugged. In the end though, Agent Bradford reveals to both that the questioning of both was for a goverment contracted project that their employer, Pendergast Tool & Die had with the DOD, but was then abruptly cancelled.