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"Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 1)"
Season 8, episode # 4
# 161 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date October 16, 1977
Production code 805 (8x4)
Written by: Bob Weiskopf & Bob Schiller
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: David Dukes
Jane Connell
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Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 1) is the fourth episode of Season 8 of All in the Family, and the 161st overall episode in the series; it also was the first part of two-part one hour two episode story. Written by Bob Weiskopf and Bob Schiller, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired with the second part on CBS-TV on October 16, 1977.

"Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 1)"
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Archie, Mike and Gloria plan a surprise party for Edith to celebrate her 50th birthday. But an unwelcome visitor to the Bunker's home - while Edith is home alone - has a much different surprise in mind for the Bunker matriarch.


It's Edith's fiftieth birthday, and the family plans a surprise party for her, though she is, in fact aware of the party (and is actually baking the cake). She waits alone in the house, and she recieves a visit from her friend Sybil, who's angry for not being invited to Edith's party (as Archie didn't invite her because he doesn't like her) Edith gives Sybil an invitation to attend. Just as Sybil leaves, a young man named Lambert (played by David Dukes) appears claiming to be a detective searching for a rapist. He soon reveals that he himself is the rapist, and tries to sexually assault Edith.

Edith tries in vain to make excuses to stall and escape, but the man is hardly fooled by any of it. Archie returns home to claim a punch bowl, and the man hides in the closet and threatens to kill both Archie and Edith, if Edith says anything. Archie rushes in and out, grumbling about the Stivic's punchbowl and their goldfish dying, hardly realizing anything is going on. While he does notice Edith is crying and visibly upset, he shrugs it off as her being overemotional about the dead goldfish, and exits. Once Edith and the man are alone, it seems there's no further attempts to escape, and the man is about to begin his crime-but a burning smell comes from the kitchen. Edith's cake is in the oven, and the man allows her to pull it out. She suddenly strikes him in the face with the burning cake, disorienting him just enough to allow her to shove him out the back door, and run from the house (this prompted the loudest round of cheers and applause ever recorded on the show) over to the Stivics. Once there, she quickly embraces Archie, and breaks down sobbing, as Archie realizes something is really wrong.

Did You Know?[]


  • According to the book "Archie and Edith, Mike and Gloria: The tumultuous history of All In The Family", this episode, where Edith was held prisoner in her home and tormented by a would-be rapist, was originally intended to be used on One Day at a Time (1975), with Ann Romano as the victim.
  • When Edith comes bursting into the Stivic's kitchen and directly into Archie's arms, another actress in the room quickly zips up the back of Edith's dress. It's done as the camera cuts up close, and can be easily missed. Because no one at that point knew what had happened to Edith, it's possible the woman was playing in character, thinking she was simply helping another woman to be properly dressed.
  • This was originally an hour- long episode, broken into two for syndication.
  • At around 15 minutes when the phone rings we can see the Bunker's phone number is 555-7382.

Alternate versions[]

Originally broadcast with Part II as one hour long episode. Syndicated repeats are in two separate parts. The DVD release of the series presents both parts in their original broadcast version.


  • Jaws (1975 film) - Joey's goldfish is named "Mr. Jaws".
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  • The Cinema Snob: Water Power (2013) (TV episode)

"This is gonna get really awkward when Jamie finds out that both he AND David Dukes are trying to sneak in to Archie Bunker's house."

Scene excerpts[]


  • Edith: Do you know how old I am today?
  • Archie: Yeah, you're 50. I got a very romantic way of remembering that: you are as old as Lindbergh's airplane.

  • Edith: [Edith has exhausted every possible escape, and the rapist is unzipping her dress] Ohhh, there's something burning, in the kitchen.
  • Lambert: [frustrated by her stalling] What is it?
  • Edith: I-it's in the kitchen.
  • Lambert: [fed up, but relenting] All right, all right, come on come on come on.
  • Edith: There's somethin' burning, in the kitchen.

[they come in the kitchen, which is filled with smoke, she screams, completely hysterical]

  • Edith: Ohhh, there's a fire! FIRE! Ohhhh, my cake! My ca-cake, it's burnin'!
  • Lambert: Lady, get rid of it. Get rid of it!
  • Edith: [Edith shoves the hot smoldering cake directly in the rapist's face, throws open the door, and punches him in the stomach] GET OUT! GET OUT!

[throws him out the back door, slams it, then runs through the house out the front door shrieking while the audience applauds wildly]


Soundtrack Credits
  • Happy Birthday to You (uncredited)

Written by Mildred J. Hill and Patty S. Hill, Sung by cast

  • Moon River (uncredited) - Words by Johnny Mercer, Music by Henry Mancini, Portion sung by Jean Stapleton

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