Dingbat was the term Archie Bunker used to refer to his long-suffering, but still loving wife Edith.

She had to put up with his barbs, especially when she would tend to ramble on and on when in a conversation somewhat absent mindedly. Lots of times Archie would just distract her with "Just gimme a beer!" and she would compliantly oblige, with "Comin' right away, Archie!" although in one episode, when she began to go through "The Change", brought on by menopause, she would snap at him back and tell him to get it himself. Through all of Archie's insults, Edith still remained happy with Arch, who in the final episode titled "Too Good Edith", after realizing that Edith had been preparing food for a party at Archie's Place while suffering from symptoms of potentially life threatening phlebitis, showed his love for her, admitting that he'd be totally lost without her...

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