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Janis paige as Denise
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Waitress at Kelsey's Bar / Archie's Place
Unknowingly flirts with Archie upon their first meeting as they share a kiss after he takes her home to her apartment; Becomes fast friends with Edith, who forgives her for almost having an affair with Archie when they meet for the first time and talk
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: 4 in Seasons 7 and 9
Character played by: Janis Paige
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Denise, a lovely divorcee who briefly woos Archie in the Season 7 episodes "Archie's Brief Encounter (Parts 1 & 2)" and "Archie's Brief Encounter (Part 3)", returns in the Season 9 episode "Return of the Waitress" (episode #9). The part od Denise is played in all of the episodes by Janis Paige.

About Denise

In the Season 7 "Archie's Brief Encounter" opening episode arc, Archie finds himself in quite a compromising situation with an thd attractive, divorced Denise, whom Tommy Kelsey hired as a waitress at Kelsey's Bar, this after Edith ignores husband Archie's amorous advances as she dashes off to volunteer at the Sunshine Home. When they shared a kiss in Denise's apartment, the two realize, namely Archie, who deeply loves Edith and didn't want to betray Edith's love for him, that nothing could or should happen between them.

In "The Return of the Waitress" in Season 9 Harry - without consulting Archie - hires Denise, not knowing that the two are accquainted, nor of their past encounter - as a waitress at what's now Archie's Place. Archie is caught between a rock and a hard place, now that the "almost other woman" Denise works for him, now, and when he finds out, gets worried about what Edith, who found about Archie's romantic encounter with Denise 3 years earlier through the gossip mill, will say when the two women finally meet.

Sure enough, Edith runs into Denise at the bar, and after a long conversation, Edith, being the forgiving, compassionate and understanding sort that she is, decides to forgive Denise for tempting Archie into infidelity as they agree on Denise's decision to quit and to find another job elsewhere is the best thing in orede for all to save face and avoid another potentially uncomfortable situation.  

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