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Danny Sanders
Mikes Son
Little Danny Sanders, the son of Marilyn Sanders, Mike's old girlfriend, who appears in the Season 2 AITF episode "Mike's Mysterious Son"
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Five-year-old son of Marilyn Sanders, an old girlfriend of Mike's, who she claims is the father
Related to: Marilyn Sanders (mother)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Mike's Mysterious Son" in Season 2
Character played by: Stephen Manley
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Danny Sanders was the son of Marilyn Sanders, an old flame of Mike's. They both appear in the Season 2 episode of All in the Family titled "Mike's Mysterious Son". The part of young Danny is played by actor Stephen Manley.

About Danny: Mike's Question...Is He My Son?[]

When Marilyn unexpectedly shows up one night at the Bunker doorstep, she leaves Danny there, insisting that Mike is father of her son. Danny, when left with the Bunkers, does not talk much; when first asked his name by Edith, he doesn't answer. When Archie confronts Mike about the boy, he's at a loss of words to explain the situation as he denies that Danny is his. When Mike and Gloria leaf through an old photo album and stumble upon a picture of him and Marilyn together, things really get heated up, with Mike seriously thinking that Danny is his son. However, when Marilyn returns to pick up Danny, she runs into Gloria and Mike and finally confesses that her son is not Mike's, which lets him off the hook with his wife Gloria, as well as the angry Archie!