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Claire Packer
Claire Packer
Claire Packer (Barbara Cason) is a local Congressional candidate who clashes with Archie upon meeting him in the Season 2 All in the Family episode "The Election Story".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Local Congressional candidate who immediately clashes with Archie upon their meeting
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Character played by: Barbara Cason
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Claire Packer was a liberal local political candidate who was running for Congress in "The Election Story" in Season 2 of All in the Family. The part of Claire was played by TV/stage/film actress Barbara Cason, who is perhaps best known to TV viewers for her roles in two TV series, the 1977-1979 ABC-TV sitcom Carter Country, and FOX's It's Garry Shandling's Show, which ran from 1986-1990.

About Claire[]

The meeting between Archie and the liberal Claire did not get off to a very good start; Claire, upon meeting Archie, asks him how could she get his vote for the local Congressional election in which she was running on the Democratic ticket, he answers back "can you handle a shotgun!" When the conversation topic shifts to welfare. poverty and unemployment and the Cold War, Archie says "Nobody should be on welfare! We got the highest standard of living ever!" She answers "and 6 to 7 million people out of work! When he answers back, "We have the grossest national product!" Claire then answers back, "and an inflated economy" When he counters back by saying "We have the strongest country on Earth!", Claire counters with "capable of being wiped out by the 2nd strongest country on Earth! We launch first, they launch, and then we all go up! Boom!"

When the Stivics invite Claire to the Bunker house to meet and debate with Archie, they immediately clash over all of the issues, and about everything else as well as Archie began insulting her, saying, instead of running for public office, she should start "running for a husband, 'cause from where I'm looking, you've got a lot of running to do!" which ends with Archie telling Claire to "scram", and then Claire calling Archie what she said her father called people who had views like his,  which is also what he loves to call Mike -- A "meathead"!