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Chester Byrd
Blockbuster Chester Byrd
Chester Byrd (Thalmus Rasulala, credited as Jack Crowder) attempts to purchase the Bunker house in the Season 2 AITF episode "The Blockbuster".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Real estate agent and owner of Byrd Real Estate
Rather unscrupulous wheeler-dealer type who can be described as a "blockbuster"; Seek to buy the Bunker home from eager to sell Archie, at a bargain price, in order to make a big profit by reselling it to a minority family eager to move into the neighborhood for 3 times of its actual worth
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Character played by: Thalmus Rasulala (credited as Jack Crowder)
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Chester Byrd was an unscrupulous black real estate agency owner and agent who attempts to buy the Bunker home at the behest of eager to sell Archie in the Season 2 All in the Family episode titled "The Blockbuster". The part of Byrd is played by veteran character/blaxploitation TV and film actor Thalmus Rasulala, who is credited by his birth name, Jack Crowder.

About Chester[]

Offering to give Archie twice what he paid for his house, Mr. Byrd adroitly and insidiously utilizes scare tactics to prey on his fears of having more minorities moving in the area, by which some former neighbors who lived in the community that the Bunkers are acquainted with were responding to, warning the Bunkers that their neighborhood is about to be infested by low-income African-Americans!

Though the eager to sell Archie takes Byrd at face value, Lionel, who calls the corrupt Byrd an "Oreo Cookie" Black on the outside and White on the inside", and Mike both recognize the tactic that Byrd is using, calling out Byrd in recognizing  the "blockbuster" agent for what he is.