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Brian Schlemmer
Theresa and Brian
Teresa (Liz Torres) must hide new boyfriend Brian (Patrick Cronin) from Archie's presence in the All in the Family season 7 episode "The Boarder Patrol".



Character description:

New boyfriend of Teresa Betancourt

Appears in:

Season 7 episode "The Boarder Patrol"

Character played by:

Patrick Cronin

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Brian Schlemmer was the boyfriend of the Bunkers' temporary boarder Teresa Betancourt (played by Liz Torres) who appeared in one Season 7 episode of All in the Family titled "The Boarder Patrol".  Brian is played by actor Patrick Cronin.

About Brian[]

Teresa had broken up with her ex-boyfriend, Hector, and was dating Brian, an amorous white-American man whose presence she must hide from Archie when she invites him "home" to the Bunker residence after a date for a late-night dessert and, eventually, to her upstairs bedroom for a nightcap!