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Bobbie Jo Loomis
Bobbie Jo Loomis
Bobbie Jo Loomis was the new wife of Duke Loomis, an old Army buddy of Archie's, who appeared in the episode titled "The Threat" in Season 3. Gloria LeRoy, who played Bobbie Jo, would later appear in a recurring role as Mildred "Boom Boom" Turner in season 4.




Wife of Duke Loomis, an old war buddy of Archie Bunker

All in the Family appearance

"The Threat" in season 3

Played by

Gloria LeRoy

Hair Color/Body Type


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Bobbie Jo Loomis was a middle-aged, buxom, sexy blonde Southern belle-type character who appeared on the show in the Season 3 episode titled "The Threat". Bobbie Jo was the new wife of Duke Loomis, who was an old Army buddy of Archie Bunker who served with him overseas during World War II; Duke, who could not make the trip to Queens to visit Archie and Edith because of a business engagement, instead sent Bobbie Jo in his place, with well wishes to the family.

The presence of the sexy Bobbie Jo, who showed a great sense of humor and an adept ability to engage others in conversation, and a hearty laugh to go along with her prodigious, pulchritudinous assets, made Edith, who felt that Bobbie Jo might be coming on to Archie, so uncomfortable that she wound up asking Bobbie Jo to leave after they, which included Mike and Gloria, all had dinner with her. Bobbie Jo was played by actress/former Burlesque entertainer Gloria LeRoy, who would appear in three more episodes of All in the Family as Mildred "Boom Boom" Turner, who worked with Archie at the Pendergast Tool & Die loading dock, before she began working full-time at Archie's Place, after he bought Kelsey's Bar in season 6.