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Bob the Repairman
Gangster Bob and Archie
Appliance repairman Bob, played by Ken Lynch, as depicted by Archie's account, a gangster-type, in the AITF episode "Everybody Tells the Truth" in Season 4
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Appliance repairman whom, with his assisstant Jack, arrives at the Bunker home to fix their broken refrigerator
depicted in conflicting accounts from Archie, Mike and Edith, who gives the honest depiction of the repairmen
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Everybody Tells the Truth" in Season 4
Character played by: Ken Lynch
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Bob the Repairman, an appliance repairman, appears on All in the Family in different accounts in the Season 4 episode "Everybody Tells the Truth". The part of Bob is played in the episode by veteran actor Ken Lynch.

About "Bob and Jack" and the Refrigerator[]

Archie, Edith, and Mike all had different accounts of what transpired when Archie called on Bob, an appliance repairmen to fix the Bunkers' refrigerator. According to Archie, Jack, who was a Black assistant to Bob, the repairman, appeared as a militant, knife-wielding black gang-banger and his boss Bob as a Mafioso type, while Mike insisted that the two workers were a stereotypical musical-comedy and an Amos 'N' Andy-style shuffler, with Jack appearing as a cross between Stepin' Fetchit and Rochester Anderson to Bob's Jack Benny straight man depiction. It was Edith who honestly revealed the true personas of Bob and Jack.