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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 22 February 2021

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes

Here are my top 5 favorite episodes of All in the Family:

1. The Saga of Cousin Oscar

2. Writing the President

3. Edith Gets Fired

4. The Insurance Is Cancelled

5. Christmas Day at the Bunkers

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Ivanatnkle Ivanatnkle 21 March 2019

All in the Family's Me Too Moments

ALL IN THE FAMILY dealt with sexual harassment and/or assault on 2 significant occasions, though there may have been more that weren't as prominent as the ones I'm about to discuss.

In Gloria The Victim, Gloria comes into the house a bit dishevled. Mike is confused as to why she doesn't show affection, and she then privately tells Edith she'd been attacked walking home from Kressler's, where she works. When she later tells the men in the house, Archie is more than ready to call the cops, despite Edith's dissuasion.

The police detective visiting the Bunker household treats Gloria to a hypothetical example of how victims are abused on the witness stand - much the way high schools & colleges do with victims of such incidents (and I know this fr…

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Ducksoup Ducksoup 23 July 2014

All in the Family and Sony's TV SideView

Hi All in the Family,

In case we haven't met yet, hi, I'm Andrew. I'm Wikia's technical community manager. If you have no idea what that means, my job is to make sure our partners and users are properly set up with the right content, tools, and (when something fails) technical solutions.

Last month, in partnership with Sony, we launched Wikia for TV SideView. TVSV electronic programming guide for Android that comes pre-loaded on Sony's Android devices. Now, when users access their favorite shows on the TVSV, they can browse your wikia's information alongside programming notes like airtime. It has been a smashing success thus far.

In fact, All in the Family Wikia - along with a few others I'll be contacting - has ended up being more popular th…

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