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"Birth of the Baby (Part 1)"
Season 6, episode # 14
# 122 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV/USA
Air date December 8, 1975
Production code 616 (6x14)
Written by: Lou Derman, Bill Davenport, Larry Rhine & Mel Tolkin
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Allan Melvin
Herb Voland
Victor Rendina
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Birth of the Baby (Part 1) was the 14th episode from the sixth season of All in the Family; it was also the 122nd overall series episode. Co-written by Lou Derman, Bill Davenport, Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, first aired on CBS-TV on December 15, 1975.

"Birth of the Baby (Part 1)"
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Archie is forced by his lodge to appear in blackface in a minstrel show (which he refers to as a "menstrual show"), much to his own discomfort, and Mike's fury. Mike and Gloria, meanwhile, attempt to have a quiet dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant, when Gloria goes into labor. While calling the doctor, she becomes trapped inside the phone booth.


Gloria is an emotional wreck due to the fact that she is nine days overdue. Archie is a nervous wreck because he wants to back out of the annual minstrel show at the lodge, which he has successfully avoided for several years. Mike also rebukes the performance as racist and offensive. Lodge brothers Barney Hefner and Ed Bradley blackmail him by asserting that if Archie doesn't go on with the show, he will be kicked out of the lodge and lose all the benefits therein. Meanwhile, Mike and Gloria try to have a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant to take their minds off the fact that she is a week overdue. When Gloria admits that she is having contractions, which she didn't want to admit because she didn't want to spoil the evening, Mike panics and tries to get her to the hospital.

Trying to call the lodge to tell her mother and father that she is in labor, she becomes stuck in the phone booth. Meanwhile, Archie and Edith get the message and have to leave the lodge to get to the hospital. Barney and Ed think that it is just one more excuse to get out of going onstage, and they take the cold cream, forcing Archie to have to show up at the hospital in black face.


This episode is the first part in a two-episode story.

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