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Bill Mulheron
AITF 3x16 - Larry Storch as Bill Mulheron
Larry Storch as Bill Mulheron
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Old friend of Archie from years ago who's obsessed with looking young; runs into Archie at Kelsey's, as he is to meet his young mistress, who's a call girl
Spouse(s): Mentioned
Domestic partner(s): Tina (mistress)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Oh Say Can You See" in Season 3
Character played by: Larry Storch
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Bill Mulheron, an old past friend of Archie Bunker, appears in the Season 3 episodes "Oh Say Can You See" (#16). The part of Bill is played in the episode by guest star Larry Storch.

About Bill[]

When Bill, who's an old buddy of Archie who was a high school classmate of his, wanders into Kelsey's Bar, it was to meet a young attractive lady named Tina (Arlene Golonka), whom he's been seeing; obsessed with his looks, Bill tries to stay young-looking for the ladies. Bill, who is the same age as Archie, looks twenty years younger.

Archie starts to envy the eternally youthful outlook of his old friend and is especially impressed that the toupeed, flashily-garbed Bill has managed to attract a sexy young woman such as Tina to bed with, but Bill's impression on Archie is shot down when Tina reveals, while Bill is in the bathroom, that she's a call girl whom the already-married Bill pays for, and cheats on his wife regularly with.

Bill claims he's doing his wife "a favor" in looking young But needs help in reading the piece of paper with Tina's name and phone number on it, as he couldn't focus with his reading glasses, as Archie helps him, as Bill show his true age.