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Beverly LaSalle
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Female impersonator "Beverly LaSalle" was a character who appeared in three episodes of All in the Family.
Personal Information
Gender: Male (dressed as a woman)
Female impersonator, cabaret performer
Drag queen, who at first fooled Archie when he performed life-saving CPR on her in his cab
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie the Hero"
"Beverly Rides Again"
"Edith's Crisis of Faith (Part 1)" (Seasons 6-8)
Character played by: Lori Shannon (a.k.a. Don Seymour McLean)
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Beverly LaSalle was a transvestite entertainer whose life was saved by Archie after he performed CPR on her after she passed out in his taxicab, in the episode "Archie the Hero" (Season 6). Beverly, who was played by an actual female impersonator and actor known as Lori Shannon, appeared in a total of three episodes in Seasons 6-8.

About Beverly

The character's second appearance was in the episode "Beverly Rides Again", where Beverly returns to invite Archie and Edith out to dinner, to celebrate the anniversary of Archie's heroic "kiss of life". Archie hesitates, then agrees, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to exact revenge on practical joker Pinky Peterson by inviting him as a "fourth", pairing him with Beverly and turning the dinner outing into a "double date". The third and final appearance occurs in "Edith's Crisis of Faith (Part 1)".

Beverly visits the family to invite them to her debut show at Carnegie Hall. After leaving the Bunker home, Beverly (dressed as a man) and Mike are attacked and beaten up while walking together to a subway station. Beverly gets the worst of it, suffering mortal injuries. Edith is left to grieve and must come to terms with the violent and senseless death of her friend at Christmastime.