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Bertha Bunker
Peggy Rea as Bertha Bunker
Peggy Rea as Cousin Bertha
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Visits from Ozone Park to attend wake of Cousin Oscar, who died while on the toilet in the Bunker house
Related to: Archie Bunker (cousin)
Wilbur Bunker (father)
Rudy (son)
Unnamed Son
George (brother or brother-in-law)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "The Saga of Cousin Oscar" (Season 2 opener)
"The Blockbuster"
Character played by: Peggy Rea
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Bertha Bunker is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of All in the Family titled "The Saga of Cousin Oscar". The part of Bertha is played by veteran character actress Peggy Rea.

About Bertha[]

When Archie's deadbeat cousin Oscar dies in the bathroom after having lived with the Bunkers for several weeks, cousin Bertha comes from Ozone Park in Queens to attend Oscar's wake in the Bunker home. She arrives at the wake, sobbing at the loss of Oscar. Archie, who hasn't seen Bertha in eleven years, and doesn't recognize her when she goes to hug him, asks "Who the hell are you!?" as she then introduces herself as she asks about the passing of the recently departed cousin Oscar, "Did he suffer?". When Archie considers selling the house to Chester Byrd and moving out to California with a $20,000 profit. He thinks about moving in with Berthas son Rudy, who says he would give a high paying job at the factory he owns. But at the end of the episode Bertha comes to the house and tells him that Rudy has lost all his money, saying “He just said last week, if he could only get ahold of $20,000, he get his head above water. I tell you Archie, he's been sinking, going down for the third time. Well, you remember my boy Rudy. Nothing worked for him here. Well, the same thing out there. Every time he opens a business, his first customer is the sheriff. Bankruptcy. And his own brother wouldn’t even loan him a dime. His Uncle George, worth a fortune, wouldn’t even come to the phone." and "He’s getting the garage all fixed up for you to live in.”. So Archie decides not to sell the house or help Rudy.