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Bert Munson
Munson Archie
Archie (Carroll O'Connor) and Bert Munson (Billy Halop) in the season 2 episode "Sammy's Visit".

First/Last All in the Family appearances

"Judging Books by Covers" in season 1
"Archie's Weighty Problem" in season 6

Episode/Seasons on series

appears in 10 episodes during seasons 1-6



Played by

Billy Halop

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Bert Munson was a taxicab driver and the owner of Munson's Cab Company, as well as a regular at Kelcy's Bar and drinking buddy of Archie's, who appears sporadically during the first six seasons of All in the Family, first in the season one episode "Judging Books by Covers" (which featured two soap opera stars: veteran actor Phillip Carey of One Life to Live fame, and young character actor Anthony Geary before his General Hospital fame).

Played by former teen actor Billy Halop of the Dead End Kids film series of the 1930s and early 40s, the character Munson appears in a total of ten episodes, the last being "Archie's Weighty Problem" in season six.

Of all the episodes that Munson appeared in, the most memorable was likely "Sammy's Visit" (season 2) where Archie, while driving part-time for Munson's Cab Company, meets entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. After Archie turns in a briefcase left behind in his cab, he discovers that it belonged to the famous passenger when he receives a phone call from Davis himself - they arrange a meeting at the Bunkers' house. Munson stops by with the briefcase (with the hope of meeting the celeb who rode in one of his taxis) and ends up taking the photo of the now-infamous "kiss on the cheek" that Sammy sarcastically lays on bigoted Archie.