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Barney Hefner
Barney Hefner-Archie AITF
Barney Hefner (on right, played by Allan Melvin) in scene with Archie (Carroll O'Connor, on left) from All in the Family'
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Archie's best friend, fellow lodge member and next door neighbor
Spouse(s): Mabel
Blanche Hefner, 1975-1978
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family/Archie Bunker's Place
Character played by: Allan Melvin
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Barney Hefner was Archie's best friend and a regular at Kelsey's Bar.

The part of Barney, which was played by veteran character actor Allan Melvin (who is known for his part as Sgt. Hacker on Gomer Pyle, USMC), would gain a more significant role in the series after the departure of Sally Struthers, who played Gloria, and Rob Reiner, who played Mike, and an even greater one when the show was spun-off by CBS-TV into the continuation series Archie Bunker's Place for the 1979-80 television season.

About Barney[]

Their friendship was first established in 1972 during an episode of All in the Family. Barney was then married to a woman named Mabel but Mabel died (somewhere around the 1975-1976 season) and then Barney married Blanche (played by Estelle Parsons, who was a longtime friend of Edith's, and who Archie and Edith set up on a blind date, some time around 1977. Blanche left Barney numerous times. Barney divorced her in 1979 and was ordered to pay alimony.