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"Aunt Iola's Visit"
Season 8, episode # 17
# 174 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date January 22, 1978
Production code 816 (8x17)
Teleplay by: Albert E. Lewin
Story by: Michael Loman
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Nedra Volz
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Aunt Iola's Visit was the 17th episode of Season 8 of All in the Family, the 174th overall episode in the series. Prepared for TV as a teleplay penned by Albert E. Lewin from a story written by Michael Loman, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired on CBS-TV on January 22, 1978.

"Aunt Iola's Visit"
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Archie will not allow Edith's aunt to move in after she was rejected by the rest of her family.


In this episode, Edith's Aunt Iola (Nedra Volz) visits her and Archie in their Queens' home. Archie, who's eager to get Edith's aunt of of his home, wants Iola to move into a retirement or nursing home, (even though Iola is still in good health and the fact that he has a spare bedroom) but Aunt Iola, being such a feisty, "live wire", as she describes herself, that she is, adamantly refuses to do so.

When Gloria finds a book, "Sex After 60" in the kitchen, she, after asking Iola, finds out that it's her book; when Gloria asks "Is it any good?", referring to the book, Iola responds, "It's terrific...The book isn't bad, either!", which amuses Gloria as she tells Iola, "You're such a caution!"

Another problem that presents itself is that all of Edith's extended relatives, with whom Iola has either temporarily stayed with or has visited in the past are either unwilling or unable to accommodate her. Also, the Sunshine Home, where Archie wants Iola to stay in, has no vacancies; they find this out after Archie implored Edith to call the home to inquire.

The dispute between Archie and the rest of the family over concern as to where Iola should permanently reside reaches a fever pitch when Mike and Gloria get ready to go back home. Mike tries to ask Archie for a moment to argue his point for Iola staying there with the Bunkers as Archie slams the door on him, saying, "Too late!"

While the rest of Edith's extended family hasn't been too welcoming or available to a woman who refuses to "act her age and die", Iola's future forces Archie to think about his own future. When Mike returns for a casserole pot Gloria asked him to get from Edith,  he overhears Archie and Iola's conversation from the kitchen, and then confronts Archie in the kitchen about the subject of getting older, telling Archie that he doesn't think that Iola should stay in a nursing home, as he's then convinced that Archie's afraid of aging, based on the idea he seems to present to him, as Archie, getting defensive, adamantly denies it, saying ,"Get the hell outta here! Why should I be afraid of old age?!" as Mike responds "Because you're approaching it."

Archie then says to Mike "I ain't approaching nothin'! What are you talking about? I got a whole lot of life left in me! Hey, listen! If I was to give up cigars and booze, I bet I could make it another 40 years there! Maybe 50, if I was to give up "this" (moving his fist in referring to sex) here!"

When Mike responds "This here" (sex) doesn't shorten your life.", Archie then says "You'd like to think that, because if it did, you got about ten minutes more to live!" as Mike, tired of hearing Archie's musings responds "Why do I always think I'm gonna see a light at the end of the tunnel with you?" as he then leaves; when Archie tries to argue his point, Mike returns the rude favor that Archie did for him when he was trying to argue his point earlier, by blurting "Too late!" before closing the back door on him and returning next door to his house.

When Archie, for a second time makes Edith call the Sunshine Home, they find that it suddenly has a vacancy due to a patient, Mr. Bloomerer, eloping with his massage nurse and moving to the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Archie seems to gain leverage in his case as to where Iola should stay, but it only adds more confusion to the dispute as Mike and Gloria say they are willing to allow Iola to stay at their home, pointing out that she'd be a good influence on little Joey; but all is quieted when Iola comes downstairs with her bags packed, ending their argument, telling everyone to "Hold it...Stifle!"

Anyway, the argument over where Iola should live is solved when Iola reveals that she has a "good friend", a man named "Herbert" who lives in Buffalo, whom she often visits in between her regular scheduled visits with her relatives, who has room for for her to move in with him; everyone is flabbergasted when Iola reveals that Herbert was the one who gave her the "Sex After 60" book, as Mike asks "He gave you "Sex After 60?" as she jokes, "Yes--and before sixty, too!"

Before Iola goes to the taxicab awaiting her, Archie stops her on the front porch to make sure that there really is a friend named Herbert in Buffalo to go to.When Iola says there really is, she shows appreciation for his concern after he says to her that if there wasn't, he would make her stay with him and Edith. He also admits he admires her, telling her, "If it should happen that I wind up like you-- you know, on my own-- I'd like to be just as jazzy as you.

Iola responds, "Then you better start changin' your ways, Archie, because if you don't, you might end up without a Herbert to go to.", as Archie then semi-jokingly responds "Well--well, see, I'd want it to be an "Alice" or a "Dorothy" or somethin'. I mean, I wouldn't have no use for a "Herbert", you know what I mean?"

Did You Know?

Scene excerpts


  • Edith Guess what? Old Mr. Bloomerer went west this morning.
  • Archie: Don't say "went west." He died.
  • Edith: No. He eloped to Albuquerque with his massage nurse.
  • Aunt Iola: What's a massage nurse?
  • Archie: A Hooker with a thermometer!

  • Edith: His wife has to have her appendix taken out.
  • Archie: She had that done two years ago! I never heard of a wife with a second appendix.
  • Edith: This is his second wife!

  • Aunt Iola: Why should I be in an Old Folks' Home?
  • Archie: Because you're an old folk!

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  • Nedra Volz as Aunt Iola Baines, Edith's aunt

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