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"Arthur's Worry"
Season 5, episode # 9
# 102 overall in series (141 episodes)
"Maude" episode
Series: Maude
Network/Country: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date November 15, 1976
Production code 508 (5x9)
Teleplay by: Arthur Julian
Story by: Kathy Gori & Michael Smollins
Directed by: Hal Cooper
Guest starring: Queenie Smith
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Arthur's Worry was the ninth episode of Season 5 of  Maude, and the 102nd overall episode in the series. Directed by Hal Cooper, the episode, which was prepared for TV as a teleplay written by Arthur Julian from a story written by Kathy Gori and Michael Smollins, originally aired on CBS-TV on November 15, 1976.

"Arthur's Worry"
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Walter fears an upcoming camping trip with Arthur because he's dreamed that he kissed him.


Walter wakes up in the middle of the night after having a strange dream in which he kisses Arthur. Maude is convinced he had the dream because Arthur has been there as a friend for so long. However, Arthur begins worrying about his own masculinity when he learns about Walter's dream, and it is compounded when the two go away on a fishing trip together.

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  • Queenie Smith as Mrs. Shubeck

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