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"Archie the Hero"
Season 6, episode # 4
# 112 overall in series (205 episodes)
AITF 6x4 - Archie the Hero
Archie is less-than-willing to speak of saving the life of a "woman", Beverly LaSalle (Lori Shannon) by performing CPR on "her" while driving Munson's Cab, after "she" reveals herself to him as a female impersonator when a reporter from a local newspaper (Sandy Kenyon) wants to take a picture of the two together for a story at Kelsey's Bar in "Archie the Hero" in Season 6 (ep.#4).
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date September 29, 1975
Production code 601 (6x04)
Written by: Bill Davenport & Lou Derman
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Lori Shannon
Sandy Kenyon
Bob Hastings
Billy Halop
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"Why about you call me "Mister"?" -Beverly LaSalle

Archie the Hero is the fourth episode of the sixth season of All in the Family, and the 112th overall episode of the series. Co-written by Bill Davenport and Lou Derman, and directed by Paul Bogart, it first aired on September 29, 1975 on CBS-TV.

"Archie the Hero"
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Archie flaunts the fact he has saved the life of an unconscious woman in his cab, but he hopes to keep the story hushed after discovering the woman is really a man in drag.


Archie arrives home from his part-time cab driving job proudly announcing that he provided CPR to a female passenger who lost consciousness in the back seat of his taxi. Archie gushes when she tracks him down and visits him at home to pay the cab fare along with a very generous "thank you" tip. Word gets out and Archie is labeled a "hero".

While talking to Edith, Beverly reveals something startling - she is really a man, a female impersonator. When Archie comes back and attempts conversation, Beverly takes the wig off and reveals the truth. Archie is humiliated and doesn't want any press, despite the fact that a reporter is looking for him. Bert Munson arranges for press coverage and a reward as an opportunity to freely publicize his taxi service. However, Archie is less-than-willing to speak of the good deed to anyone after the "woman" reveals herself to him as a female impersonator!

The reporter, Jim Kitchener (Sandy Kenyon), who works for a local newspaper, The Long Island (NY) Daily Press, catches up with him at Kelsey's and starts asking questions but Archie wants to forget the whole thing. The reporter goes into the men's room where he catches Beverly in there, discovering "her" true gender, and returns demanding the truth from Archie.

Beverly saves him by telling the reporter that it was a truck driver who administered CPR. Archie is grateful and tells her that "for a dame, she's one hell of a guy".

Did You Know?[]


  • This episode features the first of three appearances of female impersonator Lori Shannon in the role of drag performer Beverly LaSalle. Shannon made a few more appearances over the next year, until the character was killed off in two seasons.
  • Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode, the second of four episodes in which Struthers doesn't appear due to being "on strike"; a failed attempt to gain a salary increase. 
  • Edith mentions the time she served on Jury Duty, which happened in the Season 1 episode All in the Family: "Edith Has Jury Duty" (#9).
  • Sandy Kenyon (Jim Kitchener) portrayed Dave the Cop in the Season 1 episode "Archie Is Worried About His Job" (#10).
  • It was rumored that singer KD Lang was going to play Beverly Lasalle.

Scene excerpts[]


  • Archie: Now, thinking quick, I start giving her mouth to mouth restitution.

  • Archie:' So I was drivin' by Kennedy...
  • Edith: Kennedy airport?
  • Archie: No, Cape Kennedy. I'm looking for a flight to the moon.

  • Beverly LaSalle: [Beverly LaSalle comes by to thank Archie for his life-saving help earlier] The doctor said it was complete exhaustion. I'd been working very hard, and I guess I was just worn out.
  • Edith: Ohhhh, well it was a good thing you wore out with Archie, 'cause he learned how to save peoples' lives in the toilet at work.

Beverly LaSalle: Oh. He saved mine in a cab.

  • Beverly LaSalle: I'm a female impersonator.
  • Edith: Ain't that interestin'. Y'know, that's smart, too. I mean, who can imitate a female better than a lady?

  • Beverly LaSalle: I was telling your wife, Mr Bunker, I'm no lady.
  • Archie: Oh. Well listen, how you earned this 50 is no business of mine.

  • Edith: I ain't been so proud of you since Uncle Willie cut his finger carving the Thanksgiving turkey and you stopped the bleeding by tying it up with the string they used to tie up the turkey's you-know-what with.
  • Archie: How can you do that all in one breath?

  • Beverly LaSalle: I'm afraid you don't understand, Mrs Bunker. I'm a transvestite.
  • Edith: Well, you sure fooled me. I mean, you ain't got no accent at all.

  • Mike: [Archie had saved the life of a female impersonator, unbeknownst to him] If you had known he was a man, what would you have done?

Archie Bunker: I suppose I would've got a fag fireman.

  • Archie: Now along comes this colored cop, see, and he wants to take over the mouth-to-mouth, but I'm thinking fast. I say no, I send him for the ambulance, you know, because if you give a person the wrong breath type, you could kill that person.

  • Archie: [Mike comes into the Bunker living room, wearing his bath robe] Awww, Jeez, look at this. Are you moving back, or are you just payin' us a short visit in your Polish tuxedo?

  • Mike: You'd be surprised how many married guys with kids are transvestites.
  • Archie: How is it you know so much about these things? Let me see your underwear.

  • Archie: Oh, Edith, you're lookin' at a hero. What I done in my cab tonight you'll never guess.
  • Mike: You picked up a Puerto Rican.
  • Archie: I said I was a hero, not a daredevil.



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