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"Archie and the Oldest Profession"
Season 1, episode # 4
# 4 overall in series (97 episodes)
"Archie Bunker's Place" episode
Series: Archie Bunker's Place
Network/Country: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date October 7, 1979
Production code 1x4
Written by: Milt Josefsberg & Bill Larkin
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Sheree North
Bob Duggan
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Archie and the Oldest Profession is the fourth episode of Season 1 of the Archie Bunker's Place TV series and also the 4th overall episode of the series. Directed by Paul Bogart, the episode, which was written by Milt Josefsberg and Bill Larkin, originally aired on CBS-TV on October 7, 1979.

"Archie and the Oldest Profession"
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Archie and Murray discover that a local hooker has been soliciting customers at the bar.


Archie's Place has acquired a new regular customer, Dottie. However, Archie and Murray discover that she is a prostitute and is conducting her business at the bar. This is bad for the bar's image. How can they convince her to leave?

Did You Know?[]


  • The title refers to the "oldest profession" and most commonly that is described as the career of the prostitute.


  • King Kong (1933 film) - Mentioned in character dialogue

Cast (in Credits Order)[]

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast[]

  • Sheree North as Dottie Wertz
  • Bob Duggan as Walter

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