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"Archie Is Worried About His Job"
Season 1, episode # 10
# 10 overall in series (205 episodes)
AITF 1x10 - Archie is Worried about His Job
Archie can't sleep because he's worried about possible layoffs at the loading dock where he works in "Archie Is Worried About His Job" in season 1 (ep.#10).
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date March 16, 1971
Production code 110 (1x10)
Teleplay by: Norman Lear, Don Nicholl & Bryan Joseph
Story by: William Bickley, Jr.
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring: Hollis Irving
Sandy Kenyon
Burt Mustin
Jack Perkins
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Archie Is Worried About His Job is the tenth episode of the first season of CBS-TV's All in the Family series, and also the tenth overall series episode. Written as a teleplay by Norman Lear, Don Nicholl, and Bryan Joseph, which was developed from a story by William Bickley Jr., the episode originally aired on March 16, 1971.

"Archie Is Worried About His Job"
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Archie can't sleep because he's worried about possible layoffs at the loading dock where he works.


Worried that he will be fired from his job, Arch spends a nervous evening seated at the telephone, while a steady stream of eccentric characters -- a nosy cop (Sandy Kenyon), a noisy drunk (Jack Perkins), and a confused neighbor (Hollis Irving) -- make a bad situation worse. The best scene finds Archie hauntingly recalling his father's reaction to sudden unemployment during the Depression.


  • Burt Mustin, who later joined the cast as Justin Quigley, is here cast as Harry Feeney, an elderly security guard.*
  • This episode offers a few clues as to what makes Archie Bunker "tick."



Recurring Characters/Cast[]

  • Hollis Irving as Clara Weidermeyer (as Holly Irving)

Guest Starring[]

  • Sandy Kenyon as Dave the Cop
  • Burt Mustin as Harry Feeney
  • Jack Perkins as The Drunk who's Dave's Boss
  • Keith Taylor as Pizza King Delivery Guy (uncredited)

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