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"Archie Gets the Business (Part 2)"
Season 8, episode # 2
# 159 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date October 2, 1977
Production code 804 (8x2)
Teleplay by: Larry Rhine & Mel Tolkin
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Jason Wingreen
Frank Maxwell
Norma Donaldson
André Pavon
Sid Conrad
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"Archie Gets the Business (Part 1)"
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Archie Gets the Business (Part 2) is the second episode of Season 8 of All in the Family, the 159th overall episode in the series, and also the conclusion of a two-part, one hour episode story arc. Writtn by Larry Rhine and Mel Tolkin, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired on CBS-TV on October 2, 1977.

"Archie Gets the Business (Part 2)"
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Mike has to soothe Edith's feelings after she learns that Archie forged her signature to buy the bar.


Part 2 and the conclusion of a two part story. Archie is able to get a bank loan for Kelsey's bar when he forges Edith's signature. Edith is understandably upset at Archie's actions and it is shocking to think this would be allowed, since the worst thing Archie ever did before was yelling that dinner was not on the table.

In the episode's most poignant scene, Mike, whose first impulse is usually to condem Archie when Archie says or does something stupid or wrong, he winds up trying to encouage Edith to forgive Archie, as she finds herself in such a difficult situation with Archie for him forging her signature on the bank loan papers, and Edith when he reminds her of something she said years before to him.

It was from an earlier episode called "The Games Bunkers Play" when Edith told Mike that Archie yells at him because he is jealous that Mike has so many opportunities that he never had. This time, when Mike reminded Edith of that talk they had several years earlier, he also points out to her that owning his own business is now that opportunity he's always wanted, but never had, until now.

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  • This was originally an hour-long episode, broken into two parts for syndication.
  • The $20,000 down payment Archie needed to buy Kelsey's bar equates to $83,000 in 2018 dollars.

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Originally broadcast with Part I as one hour long episode. Syndicated repeats are in two separate parts. The DVD release of the series presents both parts in their original broadcast version.

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