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"Archie Alone: Part 2"
Season 2, episode # 2
# 26 overall in series (97 episodes)
"Archie Bunker's Place" episode
Series: Archie Bunker's Place
Network/Country: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date November 2, 1980
Production code 2x2
Written by: Alan Rosen & Fred Rubin
Directed by: Carroll O'Connor & Gary Shimokawa
Guest starring: Heidi Hagman
Janet MacLachlan
Renne Jarrett
John Welsh
Sandy Lipton
Wil Albert
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"Archie Alone: Part 1"
(Season 2 premiere)
"Home Again"

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Archie Alone: Part 2 was the second episode of Season 2 of the Archie Bunker's Place TV series and also the 26th overall episode in the series, also, the conclusion of a season opening two-part story arc. Directed by Carroll O'Connor and Gary Shimokawa, the episode, which was written by Alan Rosen and Fred Rubin, originally aired on CBS-TV on November 2, 1980.

"Archie Alone: Part 2"
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Archie and Stephanie face life after Edith's death.


Part 2 and conclusion of two-part story. Archie's refusal to grieve over Edith's sudden death continues to take its toll on his friends and family... until one day he happens to go into their bedroom and sees Edith's slippers.

Did You Know?[]

Scene excerpts[]


[Archie sits on the bed holding Edith's slipper]

  • Archie: It wasn't supposed to be like this you know. I was supposed to be the first one to go. I know I always used to kid ya. About you going first. You know I never meant none of that. And that morning when you was laying there I was shakin' ya and yelling at ya to go down and fix my breakfast. I didn't know. You had no right to leave me that way without giving me just one more chance to say I love you!

[He starts crying and Stephanie enters the room slowly. Archie looks at her]

  • Archie: (to Stephanie) She was the one who was supposed to stay down here with you, ya know. Not me 'cause I ain't no good at none of this.

Cast (in Credits Order)[]

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars/Recurring Cast[]

  • Heidi Hagman as Linda
  • Janet MacLachlan as Polly Swanson
  • Renne Jarrett as Kathy Wakefield
  • John Welsh as Jim Spencer
  • Sandy Lipton as Arlene Schiff
  • Wil Albert as Bob

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