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"Archie's Operation (Part 2)"
Season 7, episode # 7
# 139 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / USA
Air date October 27, 1976
Production code 708 (7x07)
Teleplay by: Milt Josefsberg & Mort Lachman
Story by: Larry Rhine & Mel Tolkin
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Guest starring: Vinnette Carroll
Frances Fong
Danny Dayton
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Archie's Operation (Part 2) is the seventh episode of Season 7 of All in the Family, the 139th episode in the series; it was also the first part of a two-part episode story arc. Co-written as a teleplay by Milt Josefsberg and Mort Lachman from an original story peened by Calin Kelly and Jim Tisdale, the episode, which was directed by Paul Bogart, originally aired on CBS-TV on October 27, 1976.

"Archie's Operation (Part 2)"
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Note: Part 2 and conclusion of a two-part episode,Archie goes into the hospital and has a verbal run-in with a Puerto Rican nurse and gets a blood transfusion from a black doctor. Archie is recuperating after gall bladder surgery and becomes more comfortable with the fact that blood was used from a female West Indian doctor. However, the hospital bill is not a happy sight for Archie or learning that a pal of his has taken his position at the loading dock, that is until he learns he's been called back to work-with a raise and a promotion. Note: Originally shown as a one-hour episode, depicting Archie's surgery. In syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode. This is Liz Torres's first appearance as Theresa Betancourt, who will appear in five additional episodes during the 1976/77 season. Sally Struthers does not appear in part 2. In the second part of this episode, Mike mentioned Gloria, a couple times.


While still in the hospital, Archie starts to drive the hospital staff crazy with this constant complaining, and then is told the distressing news that he has a very rare blood type and that the only donor is Dr. Thatcher (Vinette Carrol) the black West Indian assistant surgeon who performed the gall bladder surgery on him. Archie fears that having blood from a black woman will not only cause him to grow breasts but will make him more of a tiger in the sack due to his misconception from the racial stereotype that blacks are better lovemakers in bed!

Anyhow, after the successful surgery, he gets to go home where Edith makes several unsuccessful attempts to get him to take his medicine, as he's still peeved because of the hospital bill, which is a real pain for Archie, as is when he also learns that a pal of his, Hank Pivnik (Danny Dayton), who works with him at Pendergast Tool & Die, has taken his position at the loading dock; as he wonders how as he says in so many words to Hank how he could "stab him in the back" by taking his old job and then drop by to tell him, Hank goes on to tell him the good news that not only did Archie get his job back but that he has been promoted to foreman!

Did You Know?[]


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Danny Dayton in the recurring role of Hank Pivnik, Archie's buddy, who worked with him at at Pendergast Tool & Die before Archie purchased Kelsey's Bar.
  • Danny Dayton would later reprise his role as Hank on the AITF spinoff series Archie Bunker's Place as a series regular.

Scene excerpts[]

  • Mike: You got me, Ma, Gloria and Joey.
  • Archie: Well, Aw geez what a bunch that is: A meathead, A dingbat, a woman's lib and a bald headed kid!

[Archie shows his gratitude in his own off-handed way, to Dr. Thatcher, a black Jamaican woman, who not only performed his gall bladder surgery, but also donated a pint of her own blood, as they both have the same rare blood type]

  • Dr. Wynell Thatcher: Mr. Bunker, it took us 200 years to get equal rights. You only been black 4 days!

  • Archie: My old man told me this during the depression there. He was broke. Didn't have the money to buy food, pay the rent there, and he had to run around putting the arm on all the relations there for a 5 here and 10 there. It broke his heart and they all called him a moocher. A moocher! The last thing he said to me before he died, he said, 'Don't never borrow from no relations, they'll call you a moocher." And when he died, I had to borrow the money to plant him. And what do you think the relations called me?
  • Mike: Moocher?
  • Archie: Worse than that...Son of a Moocher!

[Archie's buddy hank Pivink, who works with him at Pendergast Tool & Die, drops by the Bunker's home to try to break some good news to Archie, that not only has he gotten his job back, but also was also promoted to foreman, as he's taken Archie's old job as forklift operator]

  • Archie: Take the special chair, my chair. Nobody sits in that but me. But you being my buddy, well you know, anything that's mine is yours.
  • Hank: You mean that, Arch, what's yours is mine?
  • Archie: I never say nuthin' I don't mean.
  • Hank: Oh well I'm glad you said that, 'cause I got your job.
  • Archie: What?!
  • Hank: Yeah, I'm the new foreman. Ain't that great?
  • Archie: You're kiddin' me.
  • Hank: No no no, it's true. Should I get outta your chair now?

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