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"Archie's Contract"
Season 5, episode # 13
# 98 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date December 7, 1974
Production code 515 (5x13)
Written by: Ron Friedman
Directed by: H. Wesley Kenney
Guest starring: Betty Garrett
Sherman Hemsley
Dennis Patrick
Ed Peck
Isabel Sanford
Mike Wagner
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Archie's Contract is the 13th episode of the fifth season and the 98th overall episode of All in the Family. The Season 5 episode first aired on CBS-TV on December 7, 1974. Written by Ron Friedman, it was directed by H. Wesley Kenney.

"Archie's Contract"
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A scam artist makes a deal to encase The Bunkers' house in aluminum siding, but when Archie has second thoughts, it takes the efforts of his neighbors, George and Louise Jefferson and Irene Lorenzo to get out of the contract.

"Archie's Contract"
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Full summary[]

Dennis Patrick guest stars as Scanlon, a slick-talking bunco artist who cons Archie into buying $2000 worth of aluminum siding. Archie, too stubborn to listen to Edith's good advice, signs the contract anyway. By the time Archie realizes he's been hoodwinked -- or at least, by the time he finally listens to reason -- the siding is already being hammered onto the outer walls of his brick house. Will Archie be able to wrest himself free of Scanlon's "iron-clad" contract? The answer comes from an unexpected source. After Scanlon leaves, Irene Lorenzo (Betty Garrett) comes by to tell them that the man is scam artist who inspected their house with a light meter and a lot of phony advice. Archie is stuck with the contract and when the man shows us to start putting up the siding, it takes Mike, Gloria, George, Louise and Irene to get him out of the contract.

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  • Ed Peck as Police Officer
  • Mike Wagner as Leonard

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