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Alfred "Fred" Bunker
Archies Brother
Richard McKenzie appears as Archie's long-estranged younger brother Fred Bunker in two episodes of All in the Family in seasons 8 and 9 and on Archie bunker's Place in Season 4.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Has long standing differences with older brother Archie, who share diverngent political views, since childhood as they try to reconcile them
Spouse(s): 1st wife: Name Unknown (divorced)

2nd wife: Janice (divorced)
3rd wife:Katherine Bunker

Related to: David Bunker (father, deceased)
Sarah Bunker, née Longstreet (mother, deceased)
Gloria Bunker Stivic (niece)
Michael Stivic (nephew-in-law)
Joey Stivic (great nephew)
Archie Bunker (brother)
Philip Bunker (brother)
Alma Bunker (sister)
Linda Bunker (daughter)
Barbara Lee "Billie" Bunker (daughter)
Janice Bunker (ex-wife)
Oscar (cousin)
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Archie Bunker's Place
Episodes appeared in:
  • AITF: "Archie's Brother" (Season 8)
    "The Return of Archie's Brother" (Season 9)
  • Archie Bunkers Place: "Father Christmas" (Season 4)
  • Character played by: Richard McKenzie
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    Alfred "Fred" Bunker is the formerly long-estranged brother of Archie Bunker, played by actor Richard McKenzie, who appeared in two episodes of All in the Family, first, in the Season 8 "Archie's Brother" (#21) and Season 9's "The Return of Archie's Brother" (#19). Fred returns to visit Archie and niece in-law Stepanie in the Season 9's episode of Archie Bunker's Place episode "Father Christmas" (#11).

    About Fred[]

    Fred and Archie, as it is learned when Fred visits Archie in the "Archie's Brother" episode, had not seen each other in the 29 years since Archie and Edith's wedding, although they apparently had communicated over the years via phone, with Archie's niece Linda, who is Fred's daughter visiting Archie and Edith in the episode titled "Lionel Steps Out" in Season 3 (#5).

    Fred was married three times. Per S8E21, "Archie's Brother", Fred's unnamed first wife left him, as did his second wife, Janice. He was then involved with Dorothy, who had bad feet and left him for a podiatrist. At the time of S8E21, he was living with Amy. By S9E19, "The Return of Archie's Brother", he had married teenager Katherine, who stated she finished high school the year before.

    Their long estrangement was fueled by the fact that Fred opted not to attend their father's funeral. Fred was less defensive than Archie towards their abusive father and described him as "nuts about everything." Fred again visits Archie in "The Return of Archie's Brother", where the two apparently seem to have patched things up between them. Fred,-who has shaved the mustache he donned during his first All In The Family visit- offers to invest $5,000 to place Archie's bar in a national syndicate. However, in Fred's return trip to visit Archie and Edith, he arrives with a beautiful eighteen-year-old wife named Katherine.

    The appearance of Fred with new bride Katherine leads to a serious discussion in the kitchen between Archie and Edith, which erupts into a heated argument between Archie and Fred over April–September romances, and places another strain on the relationship between Archie and Fred, who storms angrily out of the Bunker home with his teen bride, after also tearing the $5,000 check to pieces and sprinkling it over Archie's head, after Archie vehemently rejects going into business with his brother. Fred and Archie also seem to have divergent views on issues concerning race, due to daughter Linda's going out on a date with Lionel Jefferson in the "Lionel Steps Out" episode, which irked Archie, not to mention the furor that was sparked when Fred, who was married once before, and then divorced, visited the Bunker home with his new teen wife!