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A drunk, passed out Pete falls to the floor after Archie awakens him in his prank on him

AITF ep. 9x7 - Party Pooper Pete
James J. Casino as "Party Pooper Pete"
Personal Information
Businessman (?)
has a practical joke played on him by Archie
Character information
Appeared on: All in the Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie's Other Wife" in Season 9
Character played by: James J. Casino
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"Party Pooper" Pete is a minor character who appears in the Season 9 episode of All in the Family title "Archie's Other Wife" (#7). The part of Pete is played by James J. Casino.

About Pete[]

Archie plays a practical joke on (which is what Archie, Pinky Peterson, and the guys always on each other, particularly when they're at conventions together) Pete, who's passed out after having had too many drinks after their American Legion post brothers were partying, having drinks in his hotel room while at a convention (when buddy and fellow VFW post brother Wally asks Hank Pivnik "how many drinks has he had?", Hank says "about 30!"), by yelling, "Fire! Fire! The hotel's on fire!" as Pete leaps up out of his chair and falls to the floor, passing out again!